The company we22 is a manufacturer of B2B software, primarily homepage builder for small businesses. Currently 3.3 million small business use their software to create their websites. we22's B2B-customers include hosters like Strato or companies like Brillux who want to orchestrate their partner websites.


In cooperation with RCKT, I took over the complete redesign of the existing website based on the content prepared by the customer we22 and the CI design developed by RCKT. The implementation took place in direct cooperation with the chief developer of we22.


In this process, we22 provided content in textform, which I then sensibly structured and converted into
a sitemap with the help of card-sorting.
The main challenge of this project was the time pressure as the client wanted to go live to a special conference. So within 3 weeks I structured the content, designed wireframes and final mockups including icons. For approximately one week I then supervised the conversion to HTML.


Based on the CI RCKT deloped I transferred the bold red & darkdarkblue look into web interfaces. This also included a couple of icons where I worked with ready-to-use icons which I modified along our needs to create a consistent look and feel.