To-Do-Management App


Juggling tasks is an important skill in the modern world. From that file one promised to send a colleague by today to buying snacks for Kindergarden, from holiday planning to Christmas presents, remembering everything can sometimes be overwhelming.

Listli is designed to ease this every day struggle and aims to be one of the easiest to-do list apps to use. On top it synchronizes with responsive versions on iPhone or tablet.


Creating and sharing lists is simple with Listli, as is setting up reminders to ensure you’re not caught out. Using Listli to collaborate on lists with colleagues from acomputer is only one click and the iPhone app is a useful way to quickly check on lists wherever the user is – while shopping, for example.

Leaving out the full range of power-features is intentional as the key appeal here is the easiness to quickly create, tick-off and swipe your way through lists as you complete tasks.


The arrows in the date cirle enable the user
to quickly check different dates.

To open one of the lists the user only has to click the expand icon while the rest of the screen stays in place.

By clicking on a to-do, it gets ticked off and moves to the end of the list.

To add or delete items the list the user only has to click on the pen.


The 3dots icon opens a little pop-up dialogue where the user can change the settings of his list at any time.


To plan or check to-dos earlier in advance or on special dates the app offers a calendar. Also in the calendar it is possible to add a new list with in no time.


Wherever the user is, clicking on the plus will create a new list. Also when creating a new list, the user doesn’t have to leave the current site. An overlay window appears after the user has filled in the settings and he can write his list in a customized form.


Of course the app will also be available for iPad and iPhone, so the user can check and update his to-dos from on-the-go. Four coloms will then turn to three and two with the elements moving from horizontal to vertical.