Redesign Website & Branding

The Kunsthalle Zurich is a Swiss museum for international contemporary art. In addition to the established model of museum presentation, the Kunsthalle Zürich focuses its curatorial efforts on experimental practices and cultural interrogation.

I chose this website redesign as a personal project because art is one of my favorite sources of inspiration and I like to visit various exhibitions whenever I can. But to me a museum's website shouldn't try to be a piece of art in itself but serve the interested art visitor in getting the right information.


The current website of the Kunsthalle was designed with a strong influence of brutalism. Whereas this underlines the experimental character of the museum, it lacks user guidance, a clear structure and has deficits in legibility.

So in the sense of „Don’t make me think“ I felt that it was necessary to go through the whole content and remove excess information as well as to create a new lighter, brighter appearance. Check out www.kunsthallezurich.ch for the current design.


In a vintage book shop here in Zurich I discovered an old catalogue from the Swiss artist „Herbin“ which inspired me for the mix of shapes and colors for the museums website. I liked the idea of giving this well know Swiss museum for contemporary art some roots and links in the traditional Swiss art and typography.

For the same reasons I chose the fonts in this design. The current main font is a modified version of the famous Swiss Helvetica but the changes haven’t been really good for the legibility. Therefore I decided to go for the classic Helvetica for the copy text and rather look
for a special headline font. After a little research I found Grilli Type, an independent Swiss type foundry. They offer high quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition like the GT Sectra.



• Structure content into meaningful paragraphs and rework information flow and the the navigation.

• Increase white space for a better presentation of art pieces and legibility of text.

• Reduce the alarming yellow, mix it with other colors to create a smoother yet still unique look.

• Choose a typography that sticks with the
Swiss traditionalism and has strong characteristics but better legibility.

• Create a unique museums website which
on one hand has a modern, arty feel and on the other hand delivers all important information.