Workshop & Website Redesign

While EUROVIA AG is a world leader in road construction and the company has remained surprisingly unknown. The existing website was extremely outdated in all regards and was almost unused for years. Under the leadership of the digital agency RCKT, I supervised the redesign process from the workshop conception to the clickable prototype. The aim was to design a modern, approachable website that puts special emphasis on the 128 locations and the "recruiting" topic.


After a one-day kick-off workshop with numerous employees of EUROVIA's from different fields, RCKT and I have condensed the gathered information and summarized it in a detailed rebrief. This included an analysis of the existing website, benchmarking, persona development, job-to-be-done definition, do's and don'ts for website development.


What characterizes EUROVIA is the combination of financial power and know-how of a world-leading road construction company while at the same time being rooted in the region by a large number of locations.

Based on this information, I developed various creative concepts for the user experience. The favored concept "EUROVIA – always on site" combines functions of the location-based service with those of a classic website.


Along with the concept we developped design principles which helped us form the base of the future product. First visualized as low-fidelity wireframes, which were also available as a click dummy for initial testing.


On the left are the two different start screens. Either you get geo-location a regional view of the EUROVIA page with relevant activities of the company in the vicinity of the user. Or if the geolocation services are disabled, a generic page with locations as Carousel for playful exploration. In addition, a prominent search mask helps the user to quickly search for a suitable contractor or career opportunity. So the user comes very quickly to the respective site pages (right).