Location based artguide-app

„City of Art“ is a concept for a new kind of artguide app. It combines location based services with social media and an in-app ticket store. The app is sup-posed to make users feel like insiders, complete with reviews from other people on which shows to check out and which to rather leave out.


From a market analysis and basic user interviews 
I found out that currently there is no digital or 
other central platform/database that assembles 
ALL art related events in one place. As the relevant informations are widely spread 
on the net, it is almost impossible to track all interesting events, let aside visiting them. Besides not all shows are good and worth buying 
a ticket or wasting your precious, free time. There might be events in other cities (and 
worth a travel) that are interesting too but the 
user doesn’t even know they are happening.


After the research phase I went from low-fi to high-fidelity including a clickdummy for user testing.
My main challenge were the personalized city screens. By preselection the user defines his cities of interest which result in a screen with swipe funtion with easy navigation between cities. The user has a great overview of the current shows and very easy access to exhibitions he likes.


The app’s main function is the display of various artworks. To create a consistent look&feel
I felt that it needed a bold and minimalist black and white layout. Additionally the spacious use of white and/or black will help to create a museum like, appropiate presentation of the art pieces. The combination of two classics fonts is the only playful yet classy design feature to add a distinct overall feeling. I added this bright emerald green to highlight the navigation and give guidance through the processes.