Global brand campaign

In 2012 BMW wanted to occupy a new, creative field: dynamics as an attitude (in contrast to the dynamics of fast driving). At that time, the company wanted to distance itself from the widespread opinion that BMW was a brand for speeders, while the company actually worked very ambitiously in the area of ​​research and development of state-of-the-art drives and technologies. To implement this positioning in creation, BMW called its agency pool for a global pitch.


With a three-part healine mechanism that illustrates the dynamic thinking, I finally managed to contribute the pitch-winning idea for the global image campaign. After winning the budget, I was allowed to implement the implementation process for another 6 months, from the idea to the look development to the preparation of the photo shoot.


With BMW's new self definition came also the need for a new visual language. Together with the agency I laid the ground for the new BMW imagery. It aimed to take the dynamics of driving a BMW to a more abstract level than "normal" car photography and used lots of artifical effects. In addition crisp, bright colors underlined the concept of a visionary.