National image campaign


One of my classics, which I am still proud of, is the so-called "Bild Magazine" confessor campaign, which was created on behalf of and in close cooperation with JvM Alster. The task was to improve the somewhat grubby image of Germany's best-selling newspaper. Similar to the "Sun", it is a tabloid paper with a lot of opinion and few hard facts.


In order to make reading the „Bild“ newspaper socially acceptable again, we use some of Germany's most famous show greats from politics, sports, music and entertainment. Everyone “confesses” to read „Bild“ in an individual, entertaining way. The ad itself serves almost like a canvas where the VIPs could fill in their (prepared) statements.


The campaign was originally intended as a B2B campaign, but was then so loved by both the customer and the end user that it was established as a national image campaign over a period of around 3 years, which also performed very well with awards.